Rock’n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
Located in Hollywood Studios
Walt Disney World

Fan Knowledge

Rock’n Roller Coaster opened July 29, 1999 and was the first coaster at Walt Disney World to have multiple inversions. It’s a great ride for thrill seekers with its heart pounding launch rocketing you from 0 to 57 mph in 2.8 seconds! Riders experience 5Gs as they travel through inversions, serpent roll and a corkscrew turns all while rock’n out to the best of Aerosmith.

And Disney does not disappoint with a ride featuring rock ‘n roll. Each stretch limo train features 120 speakers. 5 surrounding each rider including a subwoofer under your seat!

Each limo features different different hits from Aerosmith and you won’t know which songs you’ll experience until you’re on the ride.  Each limo has a separate license plate with separate song list. Check it out…

  • 1QKLIMO: “Nine Lives”

  • UGOBABE: “Love in an Elevator” and “Walk this Way”

  • BUHBYE: “Young Lust,”F.I.N.E.” and “Love in an Elevator”

  • H8TRFFC: “Back in the Saddle” and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”

  • 2FAST4U: “Sweet Emotion”

So grab those back stage passes and hop in a stretch limo like no other.

Ride Stats

Height Requirement



Hollywood Studios, Sunset Blvd.

Ride Type

Thrill Ride. Inversions, Loud, Dark

Suitable For

Kids, Preteens, Teens, Adults

Avoid If

Prone to Motion Sickness, Dark, Loud

Lightning Lane




LL or Genie+ Recommended


Open for Early Entry


Disability Access

Those using an ECV must transfer to a wheelchair.